Smokestack Pottery is happy to announce that we are open for classes and (limited) gallery hours!
If you are interested in shopping for pieces in the gallery you are more than welcome to come in, but please keep it to 4 people at a time. For the students and guests we are taking every possible precaution to uphold social distancing and restrictions as recommended. Face coverings are required at all times. For the students there will be 10 wheels placed 6 feet apart. Frequent hand washing and other everyday preventive actions will be applied. We are serious about the safety of our students, our community, and ourselves. We will be sanitizing every contact surface, such as wheels, glaze area, door knobs, counters, and the bathroom between each class. I want to thank everyone for their incredible support during this time. The donations and frequent check in phone calls have made me realize what an amazing community we have here at Smokestack. I know everyone is ready to get back at it, and it will take a group effort to enforce these regulations, but I know we will get it done. Please call Sue with any questions 970-484-8183

The Smokestack Mission ~ Smokestack Pottery is a place where people can come to create their own work in clay. The studio is open for the community to learn and explore the glazes of a high fire gas kiln and learn how to throw on a pottery wheel. It has become a community of artists and also a family of friends.



"There is no comparison to the artistry of a handmade pot.” ~ Sue