About Sue

Sue (Collentine) graduated in ceramics from Kansas City Art Institute in 1993 with a BFA in Fine Arts. That was the beginning of her journey trying to make her way in the ceramic world.

Participating in group shows, art fairs and showing in galleries has always been her main outlet. In 2003 she opened up “Fire on the Greenway” a ceramic studio in Minneapolis Minnesota. It is a place for other potters to rent private studios and exhibit their work. After nine years Sue moved to Fort Collins Colorado and started “Smokestack Pottery”. She now rents out space to seven resident artists who share the gallery and is teaching classes full time. Sue is a functional potter who works in porcelain clay and fires in an atmospheric gas kiln reaching temperatures of 2300 degrees. All of her pottery is oven dishwasher and microwave safe with the exception of her decorative glass pieces.
“I focus on durability as a very important factor in my pottery. I also want my pots to be easy to use and have a beauty of their own. I feel like there is no comparison to the artistry of a handmade pot.”